What are words?

This seems an apt question. Today I’m adding words to my blog (although, you might have guessed that already). This is mainly a bid to procrastinate further from writing the two reports and the dissertation that will put the final touches to my undergrad degree – in fact, it is exactly 15 weeks until I will, hopefully, do the unthinkable and graduate.

Words can make you happy, they can make you cry (* slight caveat, I am a guy – we don’t cry). They give us information, they explain things to us. They come together to create great works of fiction, fully submerging us into worlds and lives that don’t exist – except Harry Potter, that is totally real and I’m getting my Hogwarts letter any day now…

This new (and hopefully improved) addition to ContemplatingtheClouds will do none of these things. Think of them as something akin to Katie Price’s latest drivel her publishers have the audacity to call a book – utterly futile, pointless and irrelevant to the furtherment of mankind. The only slight difference is that I actually write these…

So, words. I guess we shall have to wait and see what happens, but for now all I will say is that it would give you a basic score of 9 in Scrabble…




2 thoughts on “Words

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