It’s just a word, yet it can conjure up an image, a little piece of magic. A half forgotten image of the dying embers of a glorious summers day; the final glimpse of winter fireball-in-the-sky, giving the snow a golden-yellow glow (in a good, clean way)

My name is Craig and I am a sunsetaholic.

For those who are regular viewers of Contemplating (i.e. me, and my fragile ego) and the other long-suffering individuals who I relentlessly show photos to, this probably does not come as anything close to a surprise. If I turn around, there are six pictures of sunsets on my walls, and I dread to think how many on my laptop. And there are a few online as well (although not the header to this page, that is sunrise. Essentially as amazing, but I rarely see it). I see a sunset and I sigh. A happy sigh. And I smile. I just can’t help it. I am a very lucky person, I’ve travelled a fair bit in my time and I’ve seen some amazing sunsets – from South Africa, to the Caribbean, Tanzania, France, the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, New York and so on – but I also live in St Andrews, and I’ve seen some here that rival (and often beat) them all. I’m sure a more learned photographer could prattle on about light conditions, latitude, and what have you, but all I can say is I love it. LOVE it.

This might not be my favourite photo, but it’s one I took recently and it’s warm glow just made me smile on my way home from a long Marine Acoustics class which made my head hurt.

I imagine a psychologist could tell me that looking at certain sunsets will remind me of some other memory that I associate with it, etc. etc.. Whether or not this is true I can honestly say that I do not care. What I do care about is that smile that’s spreading across my face. This one is possibly my favourite (hard a choice as it is), I took in when in Zanzibar in 2009 a couple of days after climbing Mt Kilimanjaro (I am shamelessly proud of myself, even now). So perhaps that’s why I love it. Maybe it’s the memories of that trip – and above all else the amazing friends I have from it – not THIS particular snap shot that I revel in. Well, whatever it is I hope you can enjoy it almost, if not quite, as much as I do.



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