Fever Pitch

And so it is that time of year, once again. It’s election day!

I can honestly say that it does not feel like a year since we did this last time round. There’s just one difference now: it’s now doing it one last time. The only candidates from our year are the sabbs. A minorly terrifying prospect, in some cases.

Flyering yesterday I was reminded of how much I actually campaigning for something I believe in (Becca For Pres, currently – and a bit of Dixon DoES on the side). I also think I made the right decision in not standing for DoR. I was shocked by utter lack of knowledge/charisma of some of the candidates, I found some of them uninspiring, and in a couple of cases, utterly laughable. But, it leads to good natured competition – and that I am all for. We also have a really high turnout in our elections – especially last year when there was some very evenly matched candidates, and a lot of feeling – I hope this continues. My gut feeling is that it will, there are a lot of issues people currently care about, both on a national front and also much closer to our doorstep, and this may well bolster the ballot box. But with fewer candidates than before and a different set of teams/voters who knows if last year’s record will be broken or remain stead-fast.

Superstition is not something I believe in, I think the idea that one person can substantially change the outcome of something (I know, it’s an election, etc. – bare with me) is utter codswallop. [Vastly underused word]. In saying this, I do seem to have a habit of picking the losing side – three previous years of sabb campaigning, 4 different candidates and I’m yet to be on the winning team. Perhaps this is because I go with who I think is best for the job. Maybe my sense of ‘what’s good for the union’ doesn’t match up with the electorate as a whole. What ever it is, I believe I am backing the best candidates for their positions, and I hope they do considerably better than those I’ve previously ‘helped’.

Also my apologies, I haven’t edited this, there will be a mistake somewhere!




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