A Calming Influence?

So, despite the fact that this is allegedly the Easter Holidays – traditionally a time for going away, or staying put and having fun (definitly have the photos and the T-shirt) – I appear to have more work than ever before. Holiday? What is this Holiday you talk of?

This then, shall be a necessarily brief interlude before I return to the world of Antarctic krill and Capuchins (totally unrelated pieces of work, thankfully). In my ongoing saga of re-buffing the Pointless Charade I’ve been running/wandering around town and whilst running the other day I took my camera up Lade Braes. I realise this sounds a little odd, but I have a slightly mucked up calf at the moment, so running involves a lot of starting/stopping (which is probably a good excuse not to do it).

I’ve also realised lately that I’m going to miss living around water. We have three beaches here, the Kinnesburn, Lade Braes and the entire country side. Granted, I don’t actually know what I am going to be doing next year (yet), but I’ve always lived near water and now there’s a possibility that I won’t. I genuinely think I’ll miss it if there is no seas or rivers. Perhaps I like it because it has a calming sound as it runs over rocks? Maybe because it looks good? Who knows, maybe it’s another sunset thing…

Whatever it is I – somewhat unsurprisingly – have a substantial number of photos concerning seas and rivers. Here are a few of my favourites from the other day:




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