Now What?

It is done. It has gone. Like (I imagine) it is to send away your offspring, my dissertation has been submitted. But what now?

No more spending 15+ hours a day in the Bute. No more coffee/sleep deprivation-induceed delirium. And what for? A massively anti-climactic chat with the teaching secretary? It hardly seems worth the hassle really. I guess I’ll find out when I get the mark back!

That still doesn’t answer the burning question though. What now? I could write that presentation. Perhaps find a job for the impending black-hole of doom that is life past June 24th. Maybe even deal with that huge pile of washing that’s been continually neglected for the past while.  Or not, as the case appears to have been.

So far I’ve succeeded in having a nap which lasted 12 hours. Oh, and a little procrastination on the side. Well and truly standard.

I’ve decided to embark on finding all those little parts of St A that make it so special. Those little places and things that the tourists never find – the little things that make this wonderful place truly spectacular. Spot who’s got fourth year syndrome. I think the idea is to make some sort of photo collage-like-thing, but that I guess only time will tell.

I’ve made a start, but I am open to suggestions so please get in touch if you think there’s somewhere that should be included. Who knows, maybe I’ll even make a page on here and cross them off as I go along. In other words, watch this space.

So here are the first few:

The slightly ridiculous rules and regulations

The ducks and ducklings (even I have a heart, sometimes) of the Kinnessburn

The KB its self (the stretch from my old house to the Harold Mitchell)

To be continued…



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