Taking Tentative Steps into the Big Bad World

It crept up on me. I don’t really know how I didn’t see it coming, but I was blind to it.

It was four years away. Then three. Then Two. Then it got scary watching the medics leave last year as it started the 365 day countdown. Then it was the “final freshers'”, followed – remarkably quickly – but our last Christmas Ball. And then Dissertation Hell set in. Everything else (literally) stopped. But then last Wednesday something really odd happened – I walked out of my dissertation viva and a pile of my wonderful friends were outside with bottles and buckets of water. Lots of water.

This resulted in me looking a little like a drowned rat. One covered in water, peppermint essence, ginger beer, and LOTS more water (over 20 litres to be exact).

(Photo courtesy of Kat – Thank you)

I feel this might need a little explanation…

On Wednesday morning, at about 11am, I finished my university career. Done with essays. Done with the library. Done with classes. Done with lectures. Done. So, as is tradition here, my friends came to celebrate this fact by coming to soak me.

I’ve never heard a probable reason for this tradition, but it’s fair to say that it is a BIG thing. The University even has regulations governing it! The May exams are more commonly known as ‘The Soaking Season’, which precipitate amazingly high levels of organisation in the logistics of how to throw a bucket of water over someone (generated in a bid to procrastinate from on-going revision sagas).

This has, however, left a very large, looming question – what is next?

Well, I have somehow successfully procrastinated away 4 and a half days by sleeping, eating, drinking, and most importantly soaking other people. Job hunting (which should probably be my main priority), holiday plans (I will be there in two weeks time!), moving house (my lease ends whilst I’m on holiday) would all seem like important pastimes, however, the lure of my bed, filling buckets of water, PIMM’S and gin have recently seemed a lot more inviting. Somehow it seems fitting that the end of my time in ST A is going to be spent procrastinating and hiding from what I should really be doing. Why change the habit of a lifetime?

So, my first few steps into the big bad world have been soggy, alcoholic, sleepy and procrastinative  (totally a word). I think the best way to sum it up is that I’ve seen what’s out there and now it’s time to return to the safety of the Bubble! Time to enjoy what little time is left.



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