It’s been quiet here for a little while, primarily due to the fact that I have been laptop-less and on the move (not to be confused with being on the run…). First I moved house (I am officially no longer a resident of St Andrews – a very sad fact indeed), and then of all things I went on holiday.

A lot of people see the end of Uni as a time to get a group of mates together, go away to some sun-drenched, boozed up island resort. Whilst not totally against that idea we didn’t really have the time, money or the desire to organise such an adventure. Instead we hired a hunting lodge (quite cheep out of season; it’s the white spec 1/3 of the way in from the right hand side of the pic above – click on it for an enlarged size) and a 4×4, taking the nine of us away to a remote corner of Rosshire, in the Highlands.

No phone. No internet. No communication. Just us, some hail, rain, wind, sun, deer, boardgames, a log fire and the mountains. I honestly can’t think of a more fitting holiday for us all and I have come back more relaxed and refreshed than I think I would have from any of our other options. And even better, I have loads of (even if I say so myself) stunning photos.

Here’s a little taster, no doubt more will follow in the not to distant future.

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3 thoughts on “Incommunicado

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