First Few Days

St Andrews, from St Rule’s Tower

And so I’ve now been back for a few days I hear you enquire ‘what have you been doing?’ Well… erm… mainly just eating and drinking, to be perfectly honest… Well and checking a few things off the bucket list.

Cous cous – so good they named it twice…
The Bell Tower

To quickly summarise Saturday: it was miserable weather and so instead of going out to do things we had a long lunch, went for coffee, then a quick jaunt to the pub (or two) and then back to make dinner. And I’m not even joking. Unsurprisingly this lead to us being a little too full and in need of a late evening digestive walk.

Luckily Sunday turned out to be a much better morning, meaning there was enough time for a quick trip to the cathedral. This, apart from the obvious enjoyable factor, served nicely as part of both the photo challenge and my bucket list – as I’d never climbed St Rule’s Tower before (despite having lived here for four years – that organised). As luck would have it this made us perfectly on time – OK, ten minutes late – for lunch with Kat at Mitchell’s, which was as gorgeous as expected.

The Cathedral
Looking up the inside of the tower
Looking out over town

The pier
The double tower

And as if that wasn’t enough fun for one weekend, we’ve only reached Sunday evening. Scary a time as it may be, I’m now thoroughly looking forward to it!



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