Te ad gradum Baccalaurei Scientiae, cuius rei in symbolum te hoc birretum impono

Erm… So… Erm… we did what?


Te ad gradum Baccalaurei Scientiae

For better – or for worse – I am no longer a student [note to self: update about me…]  It was a pretty incredible day – as I am sure it will be no surprise – although the actual moment is a bit of a blur. I remember being at the side of the stage, then I’m kneeling on the graduation desk having latin spouted in my face (I got the whole latin spiel*, being the first alphabetically, by degree, to get a BSc) before being tapped on the head by the graduation cap and having the hood dropped on my shoulders. That’s it – I am a graduate. Win?

Much more exciting than the usual interesting (but ultimately dull) honorary graduates we surely got the best one possible. Yup, I graduated with Sir David Attenborough. Can it get any better than that? I don’t think so.

Prof Patterson’s (head of bio) introduction – if a little unnecessary – was wonderful and the laudation address was one of the most enthralling things I’ve ever listened to (excluding his talk the previous evening…).

After the ceremony is one of my favourite of the St Andrews traditions – the new graduates join the academic procession from Younger Hall and walk down the middle of North Street into the Quad. And this is where it happened – I met David Attenborough. And got congratulated BY HIM on my degree. Amazing.

The rest of the day was a blaze of garden parties, eating and drinking. All in all a pretty special day.

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That is a very rough, basic, not too informative guide to what happens at graduation. And a quick thanks to my parents for these photos, I was a little too busy to take them.


*If you are so inclined, a little research (it’s what we do, don’t you know…) the latin spiel in question is “Te ad gradum Baccalaurei Scientiae, cuius rei in symbolum te hoc birretum impono”.