The End of an Era

So in this hypothetical/time delayed world of the mini-grad-posts it is now Thursday morning.

Thursday was an interesting day, but very photo-poor, because I was working. Ushering Chapel, ushering morning graduation, ushering afternoon graduation, totally not crashing the garden party, etc. Then the end of another era – the final BioLash (biologist get-together – because we’re that cool) and the final trip to the Lizard (obviously my favourite place in the world…). It was all very fun, but not resulting in any photos. Sorry.

Friday, oh Friday. Friday was for lie-ins (not to be confused with lions – totally different). Friday was for a few more goodbyes, for ice cream with old flatmates. For going to BESS and buying a new diary so I can pretend that I’m still a student next year. For popping into the office to say a few more goodbyes. For collecting my Honorary Life Membership to the Union. For Grad Ball.

Oh Grad Ball, oh Grad Ball. Possibly the best night ever; possibly the worst. I’ve never been a fan of saying goodbye to people (who is?), regardless of whether I’ve talked to them on a daily basis for the last four years, or only occasionally, so there was a lot of emotion in the air. In spite of all that, it is undeniably a huge amount of fun – even if it does pass so incredibly quickly. And the last song? Our enduring memory? Well, it couldn’t be anything other than Mr Brightside now could it? Of course not. Dancing about like an idiot one last time to the song that has followed us through our university careers with some of the most important people from that time. Perfection.

What could possibly follow this? What could make it better? Well, I’ll tell you: some of Mel’s blueberry gin; then going to West Sands to watch the sun rise and then going for a wander to the pier. That is how you make an evening like that even better.


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