Back to the Place Where it All Began

And so it is complete – I now have all the photos that are going to make up the Photo Challenge. Over this post and the next I’ll put those final photos up. With any luck I am also going to make them into some sort of photo collage (so if anyone knows a good online software thing to do that let me know, I’m currently drawing a blank!) As always if you want a closer look at the pictures click on them and they should enlarge nicely.

I’m not really sure how these got to where they are, but I’m going to count them as ‘off the beaten track’ (I have been very loose with this rule, I know) because most people don’t see them. Most people don’t look up!

These boots have been hanging on the wires that hold up the Christmas light (one would assume) since the lights came down this year. That is one dare that has enduring curiosity.

This next one, I’m happy to say is actually an edit to this post. The original photo wasn’t really up to scratch, but as it was the only one that I’d taken (or at least thought I’d taken) within the specified time frame it would have to do. Happily I was taking photos off my camera this afternoon and I came across this shot – I’d completely forgotten about it, but it is here to save the day. This was taken from just beside the viewing area out the back of MUSA, looking out over the Witching Pond to West Sands, the golf courses and the hills in the distance. I think it’s not a stretch to say that I’m considerably more pleased with this one. West Sand Photo Challenge

Somewhere else that I’ve always liked, but have to admit I know absolutely nothing about, is the bandstand. I genuinely cannot tell you a single interesting fact about this structure, apart from that I did once hear a brass band playing on it whilst at work last summer.

Band Stand St Andrews

Having taken many a tour group past and talked about the castle I could probably wax lyrical about its somewhat turbulent history,

St Andrews Castle

but no one wants that so I’ll say that the original castle was built 800 years ago and that there was at least one large hall that no longer exists (even in ruin) because coastal erosion has worn the cliff away!

One of the places on this list may seem a bit of an odd choice – John Burnet Hall. Why JBH? Of all the halls of residence, why this one? Quite simply — because I am ex-Atholl. John Burnet used to be my home (sigh…). It was here we had punch out of bins (sanitised slightly, of course) and played American football in the corridors as freshers, thus it seemed only right to use here to represent all of the halls of residence.

John Burnet Hall
There is only one instalment to go now, then I will have to come up with a way of stitching them all together. After that, of course, I’ll have to come up with some new challenge to keep me busy!



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