A Foray into Cake Making

As many will no doubt be aware (and those who are not are probably living under a rock, one presumably without internet – so congratulations for still reading an online blog) Sunday afternoon saw the best sporting event of the year – no arguments – the Men’s Singles final at Wimbledon. Now, having been away for Saturday I’m not entirely ashamed to admit that I structured my return to the ‘Burgh to ensure that I was here for the whole match and by good fortune it was even sunny! That was my afternoon sorted then – I had even thought ahead and ensured that there was a supply of strawberries and cream in the fridge. And of course the obligatory jug of Pimm’s (it’s a hard life, I know). After having a great afternoon chilling out watching the match (great result as well, which just makes it all the sweeter) I became aware that the Pimm’s was done. This is a sad point in any afternoon and the thought of getting to eat the infused fruit doesn’t ever seem like quite enough compensation, but this time I wasn’t even to get that pleasure – that fruit was destined for greater things.

Now if you are wondering where the heck I’m going with this ramble I’ll forgive you because it’s possibly not immediately apparent. The left over fruit was put back into the fridge (topped up with a little more of the elixir of summer) to be used on Monday in a Strawberry, Raspberry and Pimm’s Loaf!

Pimm's, Strawberry and Raspberry Loaf CakeWell, it sort of worked. I’d suggest that in the future  this would be better as mini loafs, as mine was a little dark on the top. I also clearly didn’t make a particularly good job of sieving the icing sugar, as there appear to be a couple of lumps on the top…

This is the point where it would seem appropriate to give the recipe, however, there is a slight technical hitch – I don’t have one. When I make cake I tend to just throw in equivalent masses (not weights, been told off for using that word too many times over the years) mix it up and hope for the best.

For this loaf you need: 3 eggs, Self raising flour, caster sugar, butter, and the strawberry/raspberry/Pimm’s mix (preferably left to soak over night).

For the glaze you need: the left-over Pimm’s from the fruit and some icing sugar.

Pimm's, Strawberry and Raspberry Loaf Cake

1. Weigh your eggs – this is the weight/mass you will use throughout (mine were ~190g).

2. Get the equivalent masses/weights of butter and sugar, then cream them together.

3. Mix in the flour and then crack the eggs in one by one.

4. Stir in the fruit and a little splash of the Pimm’s. Then mix until they are combined.

5. Mix thoroughly until light and ‘fluffy’.

6. Pour into a lined loaf tin and put in the middle of an oven (preheated to 180’C – I think that’s gas mark 4). Bake for 25/30 mins (or) until golden and cooked!

7. Allow it to cool and then glaze. To make the glaze take the rest of the Pimm’s and whisk in some icing sugar. Then pour over the cooled loaf.

8. Cut, eat and enjoy.

Pimm's, Strawberry and Raspberry Loaf Cake

Hopefully yours will look a little better than mine, but even if a little off in its colouring mine still tasted awesome! (Even if I do say myself).



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