Flags, Hills and Buildings

The penultimate photo challenge post! (about time, I hear you say).

Well, I thought it was about time really – especially since it’s now been a fortnight since I left St Andrews.

For starters I think I will go with the sign. There is only one street in St A that regularly makes websites like ‘funniest street names’ or such like. I am, of course,
talking about Butts Wynd [not pronounced Wind, but you know…]. Nestled between the quad and the old union it takes you from North St to the Scores (or vice versa) and it offers the best view of the chapel’s tower as the sun goes down. But let’s be honest, we love it most because it has a funny name…

Best Street Name Ever? Butts WyndThe Flag (on University House)As for the flag, well, I couldn’t really pick. The obvious options were the flag on the West Port, those on the chapel tower or college hall, or perhaps even those by the castle; however, those would be too easy. They would also, for the most part, overlap with other parts of the challenge. So, to the less obvious then. I happened to be walking down the Scores one evening and looked up at University House (official resident of the Principal) and realised that it has a flag! Hey presto…

But it then it hit me. Surely the mention of flags in St A could not be complete without a modest nod to the town being the ‘home’ of golf. Whilst my golfing abilities might not be honed to perfection I can still complete the putting green without embarrassing myself (too much), so this was taken on an afternoon trip to the Himalayas – the link trust’s putting green.

Golfing time?At the Botanic GardensAnother place which I have discovered more recently (well, or more like finally getting round to visiting for pleasure) is the Botanic Gardens. It is a very interesting place with a fascinating history (originally built by the biology dept, but now belonging to the council, yet still sharing strong links to bio). It is also one of my five hidden gems of St Andrews which I wrote about for the Visit St Andrews blog.

The next two photos are actually duplicates – they have already been covered, but the anlges presented themselves, so I thought I would include them anyway.

At the point where South Street meets North Street sits the cathedral. It forms much of the skyline that we are all used to with the two ends still (almost) standing, and of course the angular physique of St Rule’s tower standing alongside them.The Cathedral St Andrews

The Swilcan bridge must surely be one of the most iconic parts of the Old Course – part of the ‘trilogy’, on the back of the old five pound notes, and in many a student’s photo album.

Swilcan bridge/Old Course Hotel

The Travelator

Something that everyone living past Queen’s Terrace faces on an almost daily basis is ‘the Travelator’. For those who don’t know it, it is a rather steep ramp that takes you from the badlands into the town centre, saving the humble pedestrian the long, arduous walk to the road. It is a groan that announces that the next weary student has reached the base camp of their climb; heavy laden with their laptop, that day’s collection of books, a thermos of coffee and not a Sherpa in sight… Although often bemoaned by those trekking up it does save us a lot of time being able to sneak up into the centre of town, instead of walking round on the road (which is oh so far…).

To end this little challenge I can see no more fitting a way than using the building that takes in students and processes them out as young graduates. Younger Hall, built in the time of Principal Irvine and Field Marshal Haig (Chancellor), is the concert hall of the University and is used for all large ceremonies (such as graduation) as it is the only theatre in town that can hold 1,500 people. Fittingly this photo was actually on the evening of my graduation June.

Younger Hall

Now comes the fun part – trying to stitch all of these photos together. This may take some time…



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