Too Funny Not To Share

In a slight departure from usual I thought I’d actually put something funny up here. I can’t say that I’m particularly known for my joke telling abilities, however, these two have come to light recently, and (as the title may suggest to you) I find them too funny not to share. Sadly neither of them have pictures.

By way of background for the first one I should probably explain that the RZSS Edinburgh Zoo will be getting two pandas from China later this year, and their enclosure is currently being built.

On the phone to my dad this afternoon, talking about the pandas (as you do…) Me: “I think it’s a little over the top putting in bullet-proof glass on to the enclosure.” My dad (in a very concerned tone of voice): “Yes, I know. Makes you wonder where the pandas learnt to fire a gun.”

Secondly (and I think I might have overheard this on radio 4 recently – that cool). Q: “What’s the difference between cats and commas?” A: “A cat has claws at the end of its paws; whereas a comma is the pause at the end of a clause”.

And with that I apologise for my sense of humour.



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