And so the Adventure Begins!

A while ago there was much talk here about Summer Berry Gin, Chocolate-Orange-Cello and lots of other home-flavoured alcohols (see also Mel’s Blueberry gin). Of late this front has been rather dry, but the wait is over. Or more precisely, the wait has begun.

Whilst visiting my Great Uncle recently (chronicled here), and remarking that the chillies in his greenhouse looked good, he said that he used some of them to make homemade chilli gin (for the church fair, no less). This, aside from confirming that it is definitely that area of my family that the ‘gin genes’ come from, gave me the idea to try it out. It has since evolved into Chilli and Lime Gin, but it has never quite been made. Tonight that has all changed and the base ingredient are in, now we just have to wait two weeks until it will knock your socks off* (hopefully in taste, not the literal sense…)

And so the Chilli and Lime Gin adventure begins!Chilli and Lime Gin!


*Denotes vastly under-used, but wonderful phrase.


4 thoughts on “And so the Adventure Begins!

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