Photos in the Garden

Whilst not doing a lot the other day I took my camera out to the back garden and played around for a bit. There’s very little to it apart from that.Photographs of the GardenThe hosepipe’s been lying in our rusty old barrow for a while.Photographs of the GardenThere’s lots of plants and flowers, it being a garden and all that.

Photographs of the GardenYou’d never guess that this is the dog’s rugby ball, would you?Photographs of the GardenThe swing’s showing its age, not been much use for it recently.



3 thoughts on “Photos in the Garden

    • I don’t think I have, to be honest (some photographer I am…). I have two, but for these it was my Kodak Easy Share M539. Nothing hugely specialised or technical, it just has a ‘flower/plant’ setting on it which I think focuses it really well close up. A couple of them have received a little treatment from photoshop (colours, etc.), to enhance them a little.

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