What Would Your Mother Say?

Whilst having dinner at Illegal Jacks the other night (see the ramble on Food Tourism from yesterday) I slurped my way through a bottle of Brewdog’s Trashy Blonde.

I was introduced to Brewdog a couple of years ago when it was still relatively unheard of (yes, that cool) when a friend had a bottle one night. Regular readers of my rambles will be well aware that I am not an expert, but I really enjoy its distinctive, fresh taste (my other favourite of theirs is 5am Saint).

The other part I love is their ‘brand’. It’s cheeky, it’s irreverent, it’s fun and totally different from the status quo. I know some people (the old, fuddy-duddy) won’t like it, but I think it is refreshing (as refreshing as the beer, the cliché book might say). So much so that I feel I should share what it says in the description on the side of the bottle of Trashy Blonde:

“A titillating, neurotic, peroxide punk of a pale ale. Combining attitude, style, substance and a little bit of low self esteem for good measure; what would your mother say?
You really should just leae it alone…
But you can’t get the compulsive malt body and gorgeous dirty blonde colour out of your head. The seductive lure of the sassy passion fruit hop proves too much to resist. All that is even before we get onto the fact that there are no additives, peservatives, pasteuriasation or strings attached” – Trashy Blonde, You know you shouldn’t.The best part is that they even have a bar in Edinburgh, now there’s a place to visit soon.