More Autumn Colours

This is possibly one of my favourite times of year. It makes for some beautiful photos.

There’s no room for carrying dead weight in the natural world, so as it becomes disadvantageous to keep pumping nutrients into leaves it is time to get rid of them. The relatively short period of time in which the leaves get less and less from the tree is when they go through the part of the spectrum that we all know as autumnal.More Autumn ColoursOur late little burst of summer has made this particularly stunning here in Edinburgh this year; a rare treat that is probably over now that the rain and wind have moved in. I should probably point out at this juncture that these two photos aren’t actually new. Having, somewhat foolishly, not taken my camera out at the weekend I don’t have any new photos (apart from the selection published in The Colours, they are a changing the other day) so I’m using this as an excuse to use a couple I took last year (not long before the blog started) in St Andrews.

This time of year also boasts some of my favourite food: with any luck we’ll have some more apples off our tree to make crumble with and maybe some local wild brambles to add to our wild raspberries (frozen a couple of months ago) to make the jam we’ve been threatening to make the last couple of years. Watch this space for further details.

In the mean time, remember to look up!More Autumn ColoursCr


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