Alcoholic Adventure: The Next Generation

Lets face it, the vast majority of us like the odd tipple every now and then. And who doesn’t like baked-goods which have been enhanced with a little booze (apart from Paul Hollywood; we discovered on Tuesday night’s edition of the Great British Bake Off that he is under the misapprehension that there is such a thing as ‘too much alcohol’ when it comes to baking)?

Well, I quite like the make-your-own approach when it comes to interesting alcohol. And this means that anything you use is fair game for baking. Alcohol = Win. Alcohol + Cake = Double Win. Fact.

Summer Fruit Gin; Homemade Alcohol

In the past this has resulted in the creation of Chocolate-Orange-Cello (think Lemoncello – but with oranges & chocolate; not citrus fruit playing musical instruments), Mulled Gin (a great Christmas treat, but tragically I’ve lost the recipe), Summer Fruit Gin (think Ribena, but SO much better), and most recently Chilli and Lime Gin (a truly warming drink, which I happen to be having a little of right now – this post was written in advance, morning drinking is not something I’m in the habit of doing). But now I’m looking for the next big idea.Chocolate-Orange-Cello, Home made alcoholThe question of what to make next is something I’ve decided to put up for debate. I’m thinking that I should go for something seasonal, but given how long it usually takes me to get round to making whatever I go for it might not be the immediately obvious ‘seasonal’. I’m aiming for late autumn/early winter/bordering on Christmas (I’m super organised, what can I say…).Chilli and Lime GinI’ve had the following ideas, but I’m open to many, many more. Feel free to comment with an idea or find me at @contempclouds, (my telepathy is awaiting repair right now, so don’t try that one).

The ideas thus far:

Cinnamon and Apple Vodka
Christmas Cake Gin
Mulled ‘Wine’ Vodka
Pumpkin Vodka
Carrot and Orange Gin
Apple Crumble Vodka
Cranberry and Clementine Vodka (or gin)
Apple and Blackcurrant
Blackberry Gin
Sloe Gin

When I have all the ideas together I’ll see which one I want to try (first), or perhaps even put it out to a little poll. Oh, and one last thing – if you give me the idea that I finally end up on, I’ll do my best to make sure you get a taste of it!


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