A Year in Photos: Monday – Sunlight

To celebrate the first birthday of Contemplating the Clouds every day this week I am going to re-post twelve of my favourite photos from the past 12 months.

Today’s theme (read very, very loose connection) is ‘Sunlight’.

The first of these is quite a recent addition to the blog, from A Weekend in Photos on the 5th September. The Lime and Chilli Gin, an idea sparked by my great uncle, resulting in the perfect winter warming drink.Chilli and Lime Gin The recipe can be found here.

Where does the sun always shine? Well, not St Andrews, that’s for sure. Much as we love it – if for the scenery more than the howling wind – it is not the sunniest place known to man. But when the sun does shine I don’t think there are many other places I’d like to be. This is from An Update on the Photo Challenge on the 30th June.

So these are today’s ‘A year in photos’ photos, have a look back tomorrow when the theme will be ‘Holidays”.


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