A Year in Photos: Friday – The Two That Don’t Fit

For the other five days of this week (if we include tomorrow) the two photos have had a fairly solid themes. ‘Travel’ was perhaps slightly vague, but today not even my imagination can come up with something. They say honesty is the best policy, so today we’re simply going with ‘The Two That Don’t Fit’.

The first of today’s photos is a fairly new, coming from The Colours, They are A Changing, on the 30th September. Originally this was going to go into yesterday’s Photoshopped, but I swapped it in favour of West Register House. This photo was taken almost by accident as I only happened to see it whilst out walking the dog (for whom ‘chasing leaves’ is a professional sport). I took it home and tweaked the colours slightly, and here is the end result.Changing Autumn Colours / A Year in Photos

I can’t really put my finger on why I like photo number two, I think there’s just something fresh about it (which, given the subject matter, you would rather hope). The original post – ‘From Source to City’: The Edinburgh Farmers’ Market – was on the 29th of August and, oddly enough, focused on Edinburgh’s Farmers’ market.It was my first trip to the market and where I happened across this fishmonger’s stall. I think there is something about these stalls, with the light shimmering on the ice and wet shells; and something funnier about someone finding out just how ‘fresh’ the merchandise is for the first time…

Edinburgh Farmers' Market A Year in Photos

Now can you see why I failed to come up with a connection? They’re not the easiest of things to draw connections from, but I hope you enjoyed them none-the-less. Tomorrow will see the final instalment of ‘A Year in Photos’, and for it I have kept two of my favourite photos (well, favourites of my favourites, if that makes the remotest bit of sense). The more eagle-eyed of you will have noticed that I have so far steered clear of black and white (most unusual for me, let me assure you), but tomorrow that is all set to change with ‘A Year in Photos: Saturday – Black and White St Andrews’.



2 thoughts on “A Year in Photos: Friday – The Two That Don’t Fit

  1. I have a connection between the two photos: “Crunchy” (because they both leaves and lobsters go crunch if you stand on them… Obviously).
    Do I win a prize?
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s photos!

    • Yes, I guess that would be the connection I’m looking for!
      If there were a prize, you would surely have won it; but tragically I’m afraid not. They’re good, even if I say so myself.

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