A Little Trip to London

So, as briefly alluded to the other day in the ‘What’s coming up‘ post I was in London at the weekend. Well, I was meant to be in London for the weekend, but circumstances conspired against it. This meant that after some mulled wine and the St Andrews Alumni Carol service on Friday night at Southwalk Cathedral we quickly hot-footed it up to a friend’s house in Cambridge before coming back to London and then on to Surrey on Saturday evening and then finally going back to London Monday morning. It was a lot of trains, but good to see everyone and actually a lot of fun. It did work out, however, that I had a few hours to kill in London on Monday before my train back to Edinburgh and being a nice day I decided to wander. I had originally intended on going to the Natural History Museum, but given how nice a day it was it seemed a shame not to get some fresh (ish) air.

So, in the first of two posts here are some of my favourite photos that I took, from the London Eye to Whitehall in the City of Westminster.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’d like to see all the photos please see them on Flickr over here



4 thoughts on “A Little Trip to London

  1. Looks like you were super lucky with the weather – the photos turned out beautifully! I particularly like the one of the silhouetted building (Westminster Palace?) with the Union Jack on top.

    • Yeah, I was really lucky. I was actually too warm at one point (in my 4 layers…). I really like that one too, and yes, it’s one of the towers of the Palace of Westminster. Glad you like the photos!

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