Caution: Muddy When Thawed

Hermitage of Braid, EdinburghWhat would a weekend be without walking the dog? Yes, it’s that time again, another Monday and I’ve done very little of interest over the weekend and so talk about where it was we walked the dog this weekend*. Hermitage of Braid, Edinburgh

Hermitage of Braid, EdinburghAt Christmas time I came across a little book of 40 walks to do in Edinburgh online and promptly bought it with the vague hope that we hadn’t done all the dog friendly ones. It turns out we’d done quite a few of them. The Hermitage of Braid, however, was entirely new to us. None of us had ever been there. Ever. To put this into context between the three of us walking the Spotty Pestosaurus (her new official title – who is, at time of writing, curled round my ankles, snoring) we’ve lived in Edinburgh for a combined total of about 70 years.

Hermitage of Braid, Edinburgh

The book suggested that it was a gentle walk, ‘flat with a few steps’ (Read there’s a rather steep slope half way round, if you follow the book’s little map), but that it can ‘get a little muddy’. Well, it’s winter and the ground is currently solid so we didn’t have to worry about that, but when we go back in the spring I think it will be rather different.

Once private property, this canyon on the south side of the city is now a local nature reserve (and property of our… esteemed … council). Following the path at the side of the burn is pretty flat (and the bridges are all built to take small vehicles, so no two-planks-held-together-with-spit-and-prayers affairs – well, apart from this one) and fairly solid. When frozen. In fact it was rather sheltered, if a little hidden away from the sun for the most part.Hermitage of Braid, Edinburgh

It was actually another really calming walk. It’s hidden away from all roads and houses (with one obvious exception), so without any wind the place was pretty quiet, only the trickle of running water – or the crashing as it comes over the miniature, somewhat redundant looking weir – and the occasional dog barking to fill any lulls in your conversation. Who needs expensive spa days when you can take a stroll down the side of gently rippling water? Perhaps all it needs is to be a little warmer… Perhaps I have a bit of an obsession with running waterHermitage of Braid, Edinburgh

The Braid Burn meanders its way down through the Hermitage for about two miles, and far beyond all the way down to Portobello, and is well worth a little stroll if you desire a gentle walk in the park (literally). Although, given the state we would have been in if it wasn’t for the ice I’d urge caution: it’ll be be muddy once thawed.Hermitage of Braid, EdinburghHermitage of Braid, Edinburgh


*For those who are concerned I should stress that we do take the dog out more than once at the weekend. But only if she’s good…


5 thoughts on “Caution: Muddy When Thawed

  1. Haha, we also have that book. I like it, although it’s maps are pretty dreadful (in my opinion). I do love the Hermitage of Braid though. You can make it into a massive walk and go up to the Royal Observatory as well.

    • Yeah, the maps are pretty rubbish, but in this case there was only really one path so not too much of a problem. Oh, that sounds like it could be worth a look, thanks!

      • Let me know if you try it out. We tried the Pentlands one, but the map was utterly useless since there were about a million paths. Luckily it’s not exactly difficult to navigate around the Hillend part of the Pentlands…

      • Will do (it’ll probably be written about on here). I remember you saying you’d done the Pentland one, which I’d realised it was the same book (although it’s not bad if you don’t consider the maps).

      • Oh, I guess I’ll have to follow your blog to watch out for it then… Oh wait. Haha. Anyway, ya, aside from the maps it’s an excellent little book.

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