A Further Frosting

And once again the mercury is dropping faster than lead balloon. According the good old BBC/Met Office it’s currently minus 1 outside and not exactly getting warmer.A Further Frosting, Edinburgh, Frost, outdoors

The sky is clear and tomorrow (yup, I’m writing this a record-breaking 14 hours in advance of publication) looks like it’s going to be another slippery walk to work. A delight as our dearly beloved city council has recently upgraded some of our pavements to make them perfectly smooth; a butt-bruisingly brilliant idea in a city that is prone to ice. So here’s a few shots taken in the recent bouts of frost. Sadly though we appear to have missed all of the snow, but who knows the dog might be in luck yet…A Further Frosting, Edinburgh, Frost, outdoorsA Further Frosting, Edinburgh, Frost, outdoorsCr


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