Walks, Water and Rugby: A Weekend in Photos

Somehow another weekend has come around and then flown by. They seem to make that same wooshing noise that the time ahead of deadlines did as they went straight past me. But what can you do but try and enjoy them whilst they last?Walks, Water and Rugby: A Weekend in Photos, Edinburgh, Water of Leith

This weekend has involved walking, walking, running and some more walking; followed by slumping on the sofa, turning on the rugby (I’m a fan of rugby and the Six Nations, not sure if I’ve mentioned it previously…) and promptly going from shouts of “WHAT!!!!” to tremendous sighs of discontent and back again for the eighty or so minutes of the match. Then rounding it all off with a venison casserole, apple and cinnimon bake and an evening watching the BAFTAs (where I think Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy should have won more, much as I loved The Artist).

I’ve mentioned before that we quite often walk the dog along various sections of the Water of Leith (The Dean Village, for example) and this weekend we took up the trail and went from Slatford up to the village of Colinton.Walks, Water and Rugby: A Weekend in Photos, Edinburgh, Water of Leith

We also took a wander through Colinton as well and came across the curiously named Spylaw Street and the equally wonderfully named Spylaw House. Now, although my boundless imagination is probably making far more of it than this sleepy suburban street than reality is, I think if there was ever a name to spark intrigue then this must be it.Walks, Water and Rugby: A Weekend in Photos, Edinburgh, Water of Leith, Colinton

Sunday was one of those misty days that starts cold and damp and then just doesn’t get much better. Apart from one hour when the sun burnt off the mist and made me regret wearing quite so many layers to walk up (and down) the hill with the dog.Walks, Water and Rugby: A Weekend in Photos, Edinburgh, Costorphine HillWalks, Water and Rugby: A Weekend in Photos, Edinburgh,

As the mist (red in some people’s/player’s cases) came down again the rugby started. To avoid a large rant I think we’ll just leave it at that. I hope you had an equally action-packed weekend and have something to look forward to in the week ahead.Walks, Water and Rugby: A Weekend in Photos, Edinburgh, Costorphine Hill



2 thoughts on “Walks, Water and Rugby: A Weekend in Photos

  1. Ok, I clicked on the link in the Upstairs Downstairs comment, and am delighted, if slightly baffled, to be led here. Your photos are beautiful, and my appreciation very much increased by the realisation that I must live only a few streets away from you (not far from the Botanic Gardens, right?). I’m going to subscribe, I reckon, because you’ve reminded me how much I love this city, and how much more effort I should make to get up off my arse and see more of it! All the best from a fellow Edinbugger.

    • I can understand the bafflement, it’s a slightly bizarre link, but I’m really glad that it’s a happy bafflement. Thank you, I really like taking photos (you should see some of the ones that don’t make it here) and Edinburgh’s such a good place for it. Probably more than a few – I’d say I’m about ten mins drive from the Botanics – but not that far off. I’d be flattered if you followed, I hope it lives up to expectations. Part of the reason I write this blog is because I came to the very same realisation as you, this is a fantastic city (especially when you go slightly off the beaten track) and it will reward you with all sorts of surprises for taking a look. All the best with your new discoveries! Cr

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