Is it almost Spring Already?

Crocuses in Inverlieth park, EdinburghIt’s that feeling that leaves you taking big deep breaths and smiling. And that then plays a cruel trick on you as you leave the house a hour later to discover that it’s dark perishing cold. Yes, it’s almost officially Spring. We had a gloriously sunny few days last week, followed by some very chilly evenings after the ‘heat’ (perhaps ‘subtle increase in general temperature relative to that of mid-winter’ would be more accurate) of the day had gone. Even the crocuses and snow drops are making their annual appearance – as spotted as I strolled through Inverleith Park the other day.

Whatever you care to call it, this heralds the beginning of the long road to summer, and from what I’ve seen of it so far it looks like it might be quite a picturesque journey.Sunset, Inverleith Park, Edinburgh, Inverleith Pond,Cr


2 thoughts on “Is it almost Spring Already?

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