Day 2: Red Brick Bridges

Every day as I walk to and from work I saunter down (and up) Telford Road. It’s not pretty, in fact it’s pretty damn ugly, but it’s the quickest and easiest way to get from A to B. To be perfectly honest I pass along it in a bit of a daze, iPod in, music on and trying not to think of all the exhaust fumes I am no doubt inhaling (although perhaps preferable to the stench emanating from the MacDonalds about half way down).Day 2, 40 Days of photos, Lent

It’s sometimes easy to forget that I cross two bridges on this road. Most people don’t even notice that they’ve driven over them. But every now and then someone must notice the tell tale red bricks (surely at least one driver is awake enough on their journey to work?) and wonder why they’re there. Well, wonder no more.

At two points along the road the old Edinburgh Suburban Rail Network passes underneath. This network once heaving with people and goods may have long since been consigned to scrap, but the network of (what are now) paths, abandoned stations and Victorian engineering remain to this day.Red brick bridges, Telford Road, 40 days of Photos, Lent



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