Day 3: One More Time

No, nothing to do with Daft Punk. If you clicked on this looking for Daft Punk I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed.

I decided that I’d take today’s photo (technically yesterday’s, I guess) on my way to work this (/yesterday – this whole writing posts the evening before is getting confusing already) morning; however, as I was running a little late I forgot all about it until I reached the front door of the office. After a few utterances of ‘drat’, ‘bollocks’ and ‘bother’ I checked my watch and realised I had no time to do anything interesting and would just have to take a photo from the front door. “A view from the office door?” I hear you say. Dull, I know. Well, ordinarily so, but it just so happens that from the front door of my office you look out to the Castle and city centre skyline of Edinburgh. Win. As for the DP reference, well that is because today (Friday) is my last day before moving on to pastures new, green and exciting (but with a less exciting vista out the front door).
Edinburgh Castle, 40 days of photos, Work, Lent, clouds



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