Day 38: What Represents a Saturday Morning?

With the sun setting on another Friday evening another Saturday morning is on the cards. Whilst for many this is an exciting day full of fun and adventures – I went to the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market last week – today it is not for me. I’ve spent the morning tidying up, looking at new bank accounts and filling paperwork. Obviously this is a clear indication that I need a life the life of a rock star, but it makes it rather hard to write an interesting blog post (for anyone thinking I should have written it about what I did last night, no I shouldn’t. I went to Sainsbury’s to buy Easter Eggs then came home and almost fell asleep watching TV. Even less blog-post-worth).

So, in the spirit of Forty Days of Photos, I got out my camera and took a few shots in the garden. Due to her interest in/confusion at what I was doing photo 38 is the one of the Keira (our dog). If you click on one of the pictures you should be able to see the whole Gallery.

Whatever you’re doing today, I hope it’s a darn sight more engaging than my morning.


Day 37: The Sun Continues to Shine (but for how much longer…)

It’s Friday and the sun is shining. Wonderful. Here’s hoping it lasts until I get out of the office later this afternoon. I feel I’ve not really made the most of this mini heat-wave, but as our office doesn’t have a retractable roof or a space for us to work outside I feel there’s not a lot that can be done about it.

According to Mr Weatherman this spell was meant to be over by yesterday, but I think we’ll settle for this extra two days quite happily. I also hope he’s wrong about the fact that we might well have snow by Sunday/Monday…

In a vague attempt to make a bit more of the sun I took a stroll yesterday down to Princes Street Gardens during my lunch hour. Once I’d out manoeuvred all the tourists taking photos of the statues and the Castle (I’ll let them off though, they were looking pretty good) and got into the gardens I took the path along to the Ross Bandstand – which needs a lick of paint, I think – and then down to the fountain. From down here you can also see the backs of the two churches that are nestled in the western corner. I’ve used St John’s quite a few times, but never St Cuthbert’s as you can only really see it from the Gardens. So to rectify this I thought it could feature today, with St John’s sitting in the background.Edinburgh, Princes Street Gardens, St Johns, St Cuthberts, Churches, Sun

Happy Friday, now go get a nice cool drink (preferably alcoholic).


Day 36: 5 Days to Go!

Yes, it is day 36 which means there are only five more days of my photos to be endured. Then it can go back to a casual couple of posts a week.

The sun is still shining here (or it is as I’m writing this) and we’ve had yet another glorious day. At least I think it was glorious, I was inside all day and the only time I was out was to walk five doors down the road from the office to go to someone’s leaving lunch and then walk back again.

As bus stops are not particularly photogenic I took another photo of Charlotte Square on my way home this evening for today’s photo – it can be found at the bottom of this post under the following ramble.

Today – the 29th – is one of the reasons I don’t like lent (hence 40 Days of Photos, clever huh?). Aside from all the reasons previously listed on day 1 and in pointless charade there’s a very self-centred reason why I never give up cake, alcohol or chocolate and that reason is today – it’s my birthday. Yes, towards the end of March I get another year older and so giving up lots of nice things would just put a dampener on things – and would also make birthday cake/drinks awkward and tantamount to torture. I love birthday cake (who doesn’t?) and have been fairly spoilt with a mum and friends who are fantastic bakers – I’m thinking of things like After Eight cakes and Mel, Kat and KD’s incredible meerkat cake from last year – and so not being able to indulge would be incredibly rude and very unfortunate.

So whilst I ‘eagerly’ anticipate turning a year older, checking the mirror to see if I look like I’m more than 15 yet (not holding my breath), looking to see what exciting presents I’ve been given (I already have an amazing Bombay Sapphire bottle clock from Mel), and tasting this year’s cake masterpiece I should probably point out that I’ve no idea what tomorrow’s blog post will be. There will be one, I just don’t know of what, when I’ll get a chance to write it or how many G&Ts I’ll have had before I commit the washings of my brain to said post. Please take this as prior warning.

Edinburgh, Charlotte Square,

Whatever you’re doing today I hope it’s fun and you have time to have a slice of cake or a G&T. And if you don’t have time, well I strongly recommend you make some.


Day 35: Sunny Days and Ruined Views

When I took this photo yesterday morning (apart from the surprise in spotting a moment when there was no one on this part of Princes Street) I expected that the sun was going to disappear not too soon after. I’d remembered my sunglasses, brought a salad for lunch and had tentatively pencilled in a stroll for my lunch break – it was clearly going to rain. All those ‘omens’ in my life made precipitation virtually inevitable. But – apparently – I missed a memo somewhere and it turns out that I’m not the centre of the universe (who knew?) and thus can have no discernible effect on the weather. After I came to this stark realisation I wandered off to the office and the sun shone all day.

I think this photo pretty much represents Edinburgh in most people’s eyes at the moment: Sun, blue skies, the Castle and *insert expletives here* tram works. And the news I heard today – when they reopen Princes Street for the festival they’re closing George Street (or at least part of it) so it can be used for alfresco dining. Oh joy.Edinburgh, trams, Edinburgh Castle, Sun, Spring


Day 34: Night Time Edinburgh

Night time Edinburgh, Edinburgh, buildingsNight time Edinburgh, Edinburgh, buildingsNight time Edinburgh, Edinburgh, buildingsThe other night whilst on my way home from Brewdog’s Edinburgh bar I came across a few interesting streets in the New Town – not far from the garden from day 27 – which looked quite eerie. There is, I think, something quite weird looking about photos taken at night. As the camera tries to get enough light to capture the image the colours alter slightly, ably abetted by our sodium-bulb street lighting, giving it an eerie red hue. Couple that with the absence of people (I walk down these streets quite often in the morning rush hour) and these deserted red neighbourhoods are a little unsettling, if ultimately quite fascinating – especially with some lights moving and some not.Night time Edinburgh, Edinburgh, buildings

Night time Edinburgh, Edinburgh, buildings