Day 10: My Love of Public Transport

The rain is pounding off the windows as the hills fly by to be replaced with fields of sheep which in turn melt into trees or roads. Yes, I’m on a train hurtling through a somewhat bleak British countryside.
Now, I will happily admit I’m not a huge fan of public transport in this country. I have a the ever-helpful ability to pick the bus which is late and full of people under the influence or the train with someone whose dinner is making an abrupt reappearance. Basically it’s just not fun. However, as I don’t posses a car a weekend away with friends in the Peak District is rather hard without the help of the train – which (thus far) has gone without a hitch, excluding the slightly soggy sandwich I was offered earlier. Long may it continue.

So, at time of writing I’m somewhere between Edinburgh and Manchester and this is being written on my ageing BlackBerry (hence the slightly dubious quality of the photo). Here’s hoping it actually posts. Because I’m away the next few days posts are written and scheduled to publish at 1pm each day. Here’s hoping I got them scheduled in the right order…

Have a great weekend, whatever it is you’re doing.


1 thought on “Day 10: My Love of Public Transport

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