Day 16: First Stroll in Princes Street Gardens

Each summer thousands of people take to the rolling lawns of Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens. Some are there to relax in their lunch hour, others to play frisbee. Some are there to sunbathe or read a book, whilst many more are there to just chill out. And of course there’s my favourite option – the picnicking

Obviously this is not summer, so you may – quite legitimately – be wondering why this is at all relevant. Well, a little while ago I mentioned that it was feeling like the start of spring; and whilst the days since certainly weren’t springlike, today it all changed again. I went out at lunchtime to get a little bit of fresh air and because it was so nice (when you were in the sun, at least) I decided to take a stroll through the West side of the Gardens. This part – as I’ve mentioned before – is my favourite part of the gardens and today, with the sun shining down on it, the sight which met my eyes was rather special. I don’t want to say it too loudly, but I think we might be heading towards the warmer months of the year. Fingers Crossed.Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street Gardens, Sunlight, Walk, Spring, Edinburgh



8 thoughts on “Day 16: First Stroll in Princes Street Gardens

  1. I love the sun’s rays streaming through the photo – it should be one of the photos on an Edinburgh calendar. Makes me desperately miss Edinburgh though!

    • Aw, thanks! Especially the calendar comment. Sorry about the missing Edinburgh thing… if it makes you feel better it’s quite chilly again here today.

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