Day 17: “Well, Mate, It’s a Bit Screwed”

I said at the start of this challenge that I’d incorporate random things that happened along the way, things that I wasn’t necessarily expecting. Today is certainly one of those days. It started last night (Wednesday, that is, as I’m writing these the day before publication) when the A key on my phone stopped working. Within twenty minutes of this – during which I obligingly played the comedian and sending messages like “It  ppe rs th t the   key on my phone h s ce sed functioning” – the keyboard stopped working all together.

Given this slight annoyance I thought I’d take it in to the Orange shop (that being the network I’m with) during my lunch break today and see if they could help. I explained my problem to them and the guy had a look at it then, looking me square in the face, said: “well, mate, it’s a bit screwed”. Helpful, don’t you think?

So, I may have moaned many times about my Blackberry, but now that it’s gone I feel oddly like I’ve lost my fifth limb, or something. Oh well, perhaps it’s time to become a complete slave to Apple and have even my phone prefixed by the personal pronoun. Or just become less of a slave to my phone…Blackberry, Died, Phone, Orange, Customer Service



3 thoughts on “Day 17: “Well, Mate, It’s a Bit Screwed”

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