Day 19: Cut-Out Monument

I was in town yesterday to do one of my least favourite activities – shopping. That’s a little unfair, I don’t mind shopping for food, books or other entertainment, but when it comes to clothes I am useless. I’m bored before I start and generally want to get it over and done with as soon as possible. As a result almost all of my clothes are blue. And yesterday’s additions didn’t exactly break the trend.

Anyway, that aside yesterday was so grey and overcast that all of the photos I took to distract me from my shopping boredom are too dull to use. So, I’ve got the old editing software out (again) and played about with this photo of the Scott Monument. Maybe the monochrome colour of the sky wasn’t such a bad thing after all.Scott Monument, Edinburgh, Monuments, Statues



1 thought on “Day 19: Cut-Out Monument

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