Day 24: It’s Super Saturday

I know, every Saturday is super. But this one takes the name. For quite a while I’ve been talking about how my weekends have been arranged around the Six Nations (the European rugby tournament) matches. Today is the last day of the tournament and is by far the biggest. Normally the matches are spread over both the Saturday and the Sunday (and occasionally the Friday), however, for Super Saturday all three matches are on the one day.

It is also when the cup is won and the (somewhat dubious award of the) wooden spoon is gained. As I’m a bit late in writing this it’s all about to start. Scotland are battling it out in Rome, both teams trying to avoid the wooden spoon. Then it’s over to Cardiff to see if Wales can get the Grand Slam (undefeated throughout the tournament) alongside winning the trophy by beating France. Finally it’s over to Dublin [EDIT: it’s actually in twickenham] for Ireland versus England. It’s also St Patrick’s Day. No pressure Ireland…

Ok, it’s almost kick off time, so I’m off to find my Scotland shirt. In honour of the fact that my day is sorted by the wall to wall BBC coverage of the rugby our dog, Keira, was showing just how much she deserves a place on the Scotland squad. Perhaps they’d have done better if she was on the pitch…Rugby, 40 days of photos, super saturday



2 thoughts on “Day 24: It’s Super Saturday

    • Isn’t she just? But she’s still as thick as ever – she walked into a lamp post when I took her out a little while ago… That is true, and they’ll be looking for some talent now.

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