Day 25: Easy Like a Sunday Morning

Yes, it’s Sunday morning, a time reserved in my week for doing as little as humanly possible. Except for today, because it seems that there is lots to do. It’s mothers’ day (the eternal debate about the placement of the apostrophe – but surly the day belongs to all mothers, not one and thus I will put it at the end) and my brothers and I are cooking dinner. Obviously I can’t say what we’re having in case she reads it pre-dinner time, but hopefully my Masterchef inspired (ahem…) dessert will work out alright and might even be the subject of tomorrow’s post. We’ve (read I’ve) also got her a really witty card – none of this soppy pink nonsense – it even looks like it’s got magnetic letters (you know, the sort you had on your fridge when you were little?) on it and everything. Here’s hoping she likes it…

As I spent all day watching the rugby today’s photo is another slight cheat (it was taken on Friday) and, once again, features West Register House and Charlotte Square. It was originally meant for yesterday, but I got distracted by a shiny object and the rugby ball.Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, West Register House, cobbles



One thought on “Day 25: Easy Like a Sunday Morning

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