Day 33: Canals and Reflections

Sunday afternoon dog walking hasn’t featured for a little while, so here was this weekend’s wander. Having let her run a lot on Saturday, Sunday was kept to a slightly shorter walk along the Union Canal.Canals and reflections

Starting out at Sighthill we walked along the old tow path of the canal (which has been re-layed not too long ago) towards Ratho. This round trip of a few miles takes in some rather sleepy stretches of canal (although the stretches I’m not calling sleepy are not exactly what Canals and reflectionsI’d call wide awake) and several bridges that time seems to have entirely forgotten. If it wasn’t for the other walkers and cyclists that were using the path time could have almost literally (I say almost because it obviously can’t even slow down noticeably) stopped.

After the pea-soup mist that summarised Saturday, Sunday’s sun made it actually feel like spring (or almost summer) and to go with it I think we’ve found the perfect little country get away – that’s still technically within the city. A house that backs onto the canal with its own little jetty. From here (once you repaired it) one could take one’s canoe/kayak and have some fairly good exercise paddling up and down the canal. The only problem being that it’s still a canal and thus deadly dull and only good for some pictures of reflections.Canals and reflections



2 thoughts on “Day 33: Canals and Reflections

    • Thank you, I do like a good reflection-on-water photo. Yeah, it was all very peaceful. A lot more peaceful than the centre of town I tend to see on a day to day basis.

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