Day 37: The Sun Continues to Shine (but for how much longer…)

It’s Friday and the sun is shining. Wonderful. Here’s hoping it lasts until I get out of the office later this afternoon. I feel I’ve not really made the most of this mini heat-wave, but as our office doesn’t have a retractable roof or a space for us to work outside I feel there’s not a lot that can be done about it.

According to Mr Weatherman this spell was meant to be over by yesterday, but I think we’ll settle for this extra two days quite happily. I also hope he’s wrong about the fact that we might well have snow by Sunday/Monday…

In a vague attempt to make a bit more of the sun I took a stroll yesterday down to Princes Street Gardens during my lunch hour. Once I’d out manoeuvred all the tourists taking photos of the statues and the Castle (I’ll let them off though, they were looking pretty good) and got into the gardens I took the path along to the Ross Bandstand – which needs a lick of paint, I think – and then down to the fountain. From down here you can also see the backs of the two churches that are nestled in the western corner. I’ve used St John’s quite a few times, but never St Cuthbert’s as you can only really see it from the Gardens. So to rectify this I thought it could feature today, with St John’s sitting in the background.Edinburgh, Princes Street Gardens, St Johns, St Cuthberts, Churches, Sun

Happy Friday, now go get a nice cool drink (preferably alcoholic).



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