Day 39: Spring is Definitely Here (and about time too!)

Spring, Edinburgh, Trees, GreeneryJust before the start of Forty Days of Photos I mentioned that I thought the first signs of spring were beginning to come through. Well, now that it’s almost Easter, spring is most well and truly here. The clocks have gone forward, I’m officially another year older, and it has become significantly warmer. Yup, it looks like the dark days of (a fairly mild) winter are behind us.

It’s never more obvious than when we’re walking the dog. Yesterday we took her (and her beloved, if slightly battered, Spring, Edinburgh, Trees, Greenery, odd leavesfrisbee) out to Cammo and for the first time this year we didn’t take our boots; a simple pair of trainers now suffice. The fields have dried out – although the dog still came back with muddy/grass-stained back legs as trophies from some excellent cartoon-esque skid stops – and the parts of the paths that you had to wade through mud are now solid once more. But most importantly, there is green everywhere. Carpets of green leaved plants and grasses are covering everything they can and the trees are beginning to loose that skeletal appearance – apart from one that’s been gone for quite a while.Spring, Edinburgh, Trees, Greenery

Let’s be honest, it’s about time we got on the way to summer. Summer is a time for fun and sitting back and enjoying good company, a bbq and lots of Pimm’s under the watchful gaze of the sun, and I’m looking forward to it. Now where are my shorts and flip flops?



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