Day 40: Playing the Tourist

Well, this has been fun. But this is day 40 which means this photo challenge is now at an end. It’s also over a week early – I forgot that Sundays don’t count in lent – but apart from this it has worked perfectly. It’s also fuelled my obsession intrigue with site statistics (perhaps all those stats at uni haven’t scarred me for life as deeply as I’d thought). Since the middle of February a staggering number of people have stopped by (over twelve-hundred of you, to be a little more specific), making March the busiest month on the blog by quite some distance. So I’m hoping you have enjoyed them as I have. To see any of them – and some of my favourite photos – have a look at the Forty Days of Photos page.

It’s been fairly diverse – beers to buildings, mousses to mummies and countryside to castles; through night and day, indoors and out  – and although sometimes a little same-y (spot the posts that I was struggling with so took photos on my way home from work…) usually it was quite different. But, as stated at the very beginning, they all reflected something I saw or did that day (or there abouts).

I pondered what the last photo should be for quite some time. It had to be part of my day, but also something interesting and something that could represent both the challenge and the blog as a whole. There were so many options, but none seemed quite right, so I took a walk. This walk took me through Princes Street Gardens and so there was a certain inevitability that it was going to, somehow, involve the Castle. I hope you like it, I felt like quite the tourist taking it.Edinburgh Castle, Ross Fountain, Princes Street Gardens, Castle Rock, Edinburgh



2 thoughts on “Day 40: Playing the Tourist

  1. It makes me sad that the 40 days of photos are already over (totally didn’t know that Lent doesn’t include Sundays…), I really enjoyed them. Do it again?

    • Thank you, I’m glad you liked it. Yeah I know, it’s gone by really quickly. I also didn’t know Sundays off either, but never mind. Might leave it a little while before I do another challenge, ideas on a postcard!

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