Easter Chocolate and Subtle Humour

Chocolate, puns and a humorous dig at the ridiculousness of the virtually obligatory ‘please don’t sue us’ warnings; let’s be honest there was very little chance that I wasn’t going to like Malteasters. But then I tasted them and I liked them even more.

Over the last few years we’ve gone from having just boxes of creme eggs sitting by the shop tills to every type of mini egg brand imaginable and a whole range of other Easter-themed sugary ‘goodness’. Yes, they’re a complete con. Of course they are, if you bought the same product (only not shaped at as a lamb/bunny) elsewhere in the shop you’d probably pay a lot less. But with the right marketing we consumers will buy pretty much anything. And I most certainly include myself in that group.

I’m a complete sucker for a good marketing ploy and what makes it worse is that I see through what they’re doing, but lap it up anyway. It’s pretty pathetic, I know, but when faced with little malty-honeycomb filled chocolate bunnies who, I ask you, can resist? Especially when it has a pun for a name and the following inverted dig at animal rights on the back: “No actual Maltesers were hurt during the making of this bunny”.Malteasers, Malteaster, Chocolate, Advertising

Oh and do you know the best bit – they’re a much better deal if you buy two! Ahem…


8 thoughts on “Easter Chocolate and Subtle Humour

    • Tell me about it! I would love to know how many I’ve eaten this year – but then on the other hand I probably don’t… Definitely time to stockpile.

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