My New Addiction – This Weekend in Photos

I got a new toy at the weekend. Or to be a little more specific, I spent over two hours in the shop getting increasingly bored before their computer allowed them to give me my new phone.

Back at the start of March my much-bemoaned Blackberry decided that working was no longer something it was willing to do. Since then I’ve been using an old Samsung (circa 2006, at a push), but by the end of last week my patience had worn a little too thin and I admitted that I was just going to have to start my new contract a little earlier than intended.

So despite the credit check taking about a bajillion times longer than it should have, I got my shiny iPhone on Saturday afternoon. Obviously, I spent the rest of the weekend playing about with it and developing an addiction to Instagram. Oh, and making lemonade scones (but that’s for another day).

Instagram, iPhone 4S, Mac, Macbook Pro, iPod touch

Instagram, iPhone 4S, lemonade scones

Instagram, iPhone 4S, Keira

Instagram, iPhone 4S, tulips



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