This Was Going To Be About Cherry Blossom

Today’s post was originally going to be all about the blanket of cherry blossom that has covered Edinburgh for the last few weeks. However, over the space of 24 hours the wind and rain has transformed the blooming trees into soggy piles of mushy petals. Lovely.

Below, was my daily Instagram fix (side note: is it too much of an addiction to have a ‘the week in Instagram’ post each week?) from the other day, when the city was looking very spring-like. Below is yesterday’s slightly less appealing vista.

Cherry Blossom, Instagram, Edinburgh

And then yesterday when I went out at lunchtime for a quick stroll, it poured with rain. And then for good measure, it rained some more.

Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle, Rain

I ended up taking shelter in one of the overhangs, down in Princes Street Gardens (which were quite possibly built for this exact purpose). The Gardens themselves were actually pretty deserted; can’t imagine why, it was such a lovely day… unless you’re a bit of cherry blossom…

Edinburgh, Princes Street Gardens, Rain



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