Instagramers Anonymous: Coffee, Milkshake and Sunlight

A mixture of rain, a haze of coffee and general procrastination would pretty much sum up this week. Yes, the Instagram addiction is still going as strongly as the day I downloaded it (if not more so), and thus Instagramers Anonymous is back.

Saturday’s apple, banana and coconut smoothie, sipped slowly whilst watching Casino Royale


Starbucks on Wednesday – and a free sample (not tried it yet)

Starbucks, Coffee, free sample, instagram

The view from a lunchtime stroll along the top of Princes Street Gardens

The mound, Edinburgh, Ramsey Gardens, Princes Street Gardens, Instagram

Thursday is voting day! (local authority – the tram idiots) So we took the dog out for an evening stroll, voted, played ball in the park and then went for a wander in the woods. You wouldn’t think it was freezing cold and pouring with rain only a couple of days before.

Edinburgh, Blackhall, Park, Woods, dog walking, sunlight, instagram



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