Rain, Rain Go Away

They say that the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. Well, I can assure that in the UK it appears to all be falling on Edinburgh. Not even Rihanna would have had enough umbrella-ella-ella-s to keep her dry, because the wind is also howling and no umbrella (ella-ella) is built to withstand that level of sustained abuse.

I went out for a run on Sunday morning (cut short by the accidental inhalation of some cherry blossom), thinking I’d go out with the dog in the afternoon and take some interesting photos for today’s blog post. Then the rain came. I ended spending the afternoon wrapped up in a hoody and my trusty Guinness slippers, with a mug of coffee and a film.

Thankfully I took some photos in the city centre the other day (an Instagram addiction? Me? Of course not…), so here’s what the city looks like on a somewhat more pleasant afternoon.

The National Gallery, at the foot of the Mound

National Gallery, Scottish National Gallery, the Mound, Edinburgh

And St Giles’ Cathedral in the middle of the Royal Mile

Edinburgh, St Giles, InstagramHere’s hoping the weather remembers it’s almost summer sometime soon.



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