Instagrammers Anonymous: A Disjointed Week

It’s been an interesting week. A very odd week. But it appears that I still only need to ahve my phone with me for the Instagram addiction to continue. So here are three totally disjointed photos to represent it.

There is the on-going ‘Theme: Britain’ merchandise. Everything is red, white and blue. Including our kitchen roll. This, I’m sure you’ll agree, is completely unnecessary but also quite wonderful.

Jubilee kitchen roll

It’s rained pretty much all week, but there was a brief (and I mean very brief) glimpse of sunshine on Wednesday. Summer? What is this summer you talk of?

Edinburgh Castle

And finally it was Grad week in St Andrews (in case I hadn’t mentioned it enough), marking one year since my own leaving. We all got rather nostalgic and realised how much we miss the people that are scattered around the globe. This is my desk calendar from Nov. 2011, it now sits on my windowsill, I can’t bring myself to get rid of it.

St Andrews railway poster

There was also this fantastic graduate address from Tuesday morning’s ceremony. If you have any connection to St Andrews I suggest you read it. And possibly have a box of tissues to hand…



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