Instagrammers Anonymous: Tarts, Tennis and Whipped Cream

What a week it’s been! One of those weeks were everything seems to happen in very quick sucession and there’s barely any time to do anything apart from what is strictly necessary. Thankfully I count making exciting food and watching the Wimbledon tennis championship as necessities so it’s not all bad.

But somehow it’s rolled around to Friday, which means that whilst I get ready for the semi finals (can’t decide whether I’m more excited for Djokovic Vs Federa or Murray Vs Tsonga; I don’t imagine much work will get done in the office whilst they’re playing) it must be time for Instagrammers Anonymous.

Last weekend I had a bit of time so thought I’d make a red pepper, apple and feta tart.Feta tart on a white plate with salad

Having been in work the majority of the time it’s been on I’ve been getting my Wimbledon fix through the wonderful BBC 5 Live. I’m hopelessly hooked — and it’s making me even more excited about going to the Olympic Tennis in 25 days time!Wimbledon logo and a tennis court on Instagram

What could be more British than Wimbledon? Possibly all the Jubilee celebrations, but perhaps even that is eclipsed by the combination of Wimbledon, strawberries, Pimm’s and Cream. Or what about strawberries with mint & Pimm’s whipped cream, even better right?Strawberries in a glass dish with mint and Pimm's whipped cream

However you’re spending the weekend I hope it is full of tennis, Pimm’s and strawberries!



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