Cycling and Summer Sunshine

Don’t tell anyone, but I think tonight might have been summer.

I had many plans for this evening (or yesterday evening, or whenever it was when you’re reading this). They mainly revolved around writing a new post for here and re-watching the two most recent Batman films, ahead of this weekend’s trip to the cinema to see the final instalment.

All of that went flying out the window when it turned into such a nice evening. Who wants to be stuck indoors when the weather is finally admitting to it being July? Not me, that’s for sure. So after taking the dog out for a stroll and planting some more spinach seeds (this year’s experimental gardening, which is going rather tastily) I hopped on my brother’s bike – mine having suffered the company of thieves some weeks ago – and went for a cycle.

Where I went is for another time; but it’s safe to say that it was an excellent evening to be away from the roads and I was glad of my sunglasses and the visor on my helmet. I think I even fooled myself into enjoying a little exercise — long may the weather and that foolishness continue.

I went cycling…View of the path over the handlebars of a bike.

Then cycled a little more…Looking over the handlebars towards the sinking sun.

And all the while the sun shone.Cycling towards the setting sun.



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