Random Saturday Afternoon Out – Callander

Much as I love living in the city, or more specifically Edinburgh, sometimes it is good just to get away from it all. Away from the city, the traffic, the noise and the roadworks; to somewhere where the pace of life is a little more gentle.Post sticking out of the river teith

Thankfully just such an opportunity reared its head this weekend that took me up to Callander, Perthshire. My Younger brother is a scout and every year they go away camping for a fortnight somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Given the somewhat unpredictable nature of the Scottish weather the families of the scouts come up on the middle Saturday to bring much-needed sugar-boosts and clean, dry, more-pleasent-smelling clothes.dog looking into the river.

With them being out in a field not to far from Callander this year we decided that we would drop in on the little town and walk Her Majesty, Queen Keira (the dog), along the river before wading through the muddy field. As with any new place she went into hyper mode; pulling and bouncing, and sniffing and going for a little paddle (until it looked too deep, at which point she graciously pulled back jumped back onto the path). Basically, she was just rather excited to be somewhere new. And I now have one arm that’s longer than the other.

Like many parts of rural (and not so rural) Britain, Callander at one point had a bustling railway line and little station. They don’t any more. This has left them with a lovely little path going alongside the winding river, built up on a ridge, cutting through the fields. Some of which are full of sheep and others which, after this week’s down pours, are now bogs…Ram in a grassy field.

reflection of trees in the water.It’s actually part of the National Cycle Network (route 7, if you’re interested), and being an old railway line it is smooth and with only very gentle inclines. Perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon stroll. Being fairly restricted by the time – we may have left Edinburgh about an hour after we’d intended – our stroll was only about 3 1/2 miles long, however, with all the dancing about at the beginning Keira was beginning to amble more and more slowly towards the end.

Callander Is pretty small and it didn’t take us long to walk through it when we came back, but it was incredibly busy. Clearly there’s quite a lot going on in and about this not-so-sleepy little village, and as it’s only about an hour away from Edinburgh I’ve no doubt that we’ll probably be back before long and when we do it’ll be for the day and we won’t be off to have a picnic in a muddy field afterwards…Black and white shot of a dog on a path.


13 thoughts on “Random Saturday Afternoon Out – Callander

  1. Wow, lucky you, I love Callander! I’m not surprised it was busy though; it’s a tourist hotspot in the summer (but then where in Scotland, with the possible exception of the North-East, isn’t?). I’ve generally been in the winter before, and I’d recommend that, because even when there’s snow it remains fairly accessible, and ever so pretty. Does it still have two big branches of the Edinburgh Woolen Mill facing each other across the main street? 😀

    • Yeah, I guess it’s a really convenient place for the Trossachs, hill walking, etc., but you’re right, everywhere’s a tourist hotspot at this time of year (I was in St Andrews yesterday and it was just as packed). That sounds like an excellent idea, definitely have to remember that for the winter (although who knows, I wouldn’t put it past the weather to snow in August…). No, one’s an Edinburgh Woollen Mill and the other is the Callander Woollen Mill (which looks like it might well be owned by EWM; so I guess the answer is yes), talk about having the market cornered!

      • It’s for all your emergency wool/shortbread needs. Also for when you need to buy a present for someone you don’t like very much and can’t really be arsed (convenience-wise, I mean; some of their products are quite nice).

      • And sometimes with those sorts of emergencies crossing the street just takes too long! Can’t say I went into either of them, I got distracted by the strawberry tarts in the baker’s window…

  2. So… I’ve never heard of Callander! (Although we never really ventured towards Stirling when we were in Edinburgh, so I guess that’s not too surprising.) It sounds lovely though, so it sounds like I’ll have to visit it whenever I’m next in Edinburgh.

    • It’s about 20 miles past Stirling. Technically part of Perthshire (it seems), but just in the Trossachs area, nearest to Stirling and with a Falkirk postcode… It’s only got about 3,000 people in it, so I guess it’s not too surprising you’ve not come across it. Worth a little visit though.

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