Instagrammers Anonymous: Gin and Post Boxes

And like 9 am is followed rapidly by 5pm, another Monday is followed by another Friday – which means it must be time for another Instagrammers Anonymous.

After last weekend’s Foodies Festival and Fringe fun this week has been a time to sit back and suffer from post-Olympic ‘what do I do now?’ syndrome. There’s been a fair bit of hard work, and some sitting back in front of the TV – the Great British Bake-Off is back (does everyone else have an urge to go bake immediately after watching that, or is it just me?) and I watched an excellent ‘real life’ drama about Dr Guttmann and the patients of Stoke Mandeville Hospital where the Paralympic Games started (it was on BBC Two, go watch it on Iplayer, if you can, it will make you so excited for the Paralympics). But away from vegetating on the sofa here’s what I’ve seen this week:

There was the Foodies Festival last weekend, with cocktails from Hendrick’s.

I’ve watched hundreds of tourists take this photo, so thought I’d join them.Black and white image of Edinburgh Castle

And in case the lack of Olympic action is getting you down, I went past (one of) Sir Chris Hoy’s golden post boxes yesterday on Hanover Street.One of Sir Chris Hoy's Golden Olympic postboxes on Hanover Street in Edinburgh

Have a good weekend.


5 thoughts on “Instagrammers Anonymous: Gin and Post Boxes

    • It’s cool, isn’t it? I’ve no idea how they picked them, I guess just postboxes that are in prominent places in their hometown, his other one is in Hunter Square, just off the Royal Mile.

      • So many questions! No, I don’t think so (although I’d have to admit I didn’t check). It was just the gold medalists that got them. Post boxes and stamps…

      • Ya, I was too lazy to ask Mr Google… Sorry. Getting your own stamp is pretty awesome. I feel a bit sorry for the other medallists though, not getting anything at all.

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