This is Why We Love Edinburgh

Summer may have arrived a little late (and damp) from the spring, but it’s now making up for lost time and brightening up all our days (if we ignore the ominous dark clouds currently hanging over the Castle).

The sun has been shining on Edinburgh for the past week – with only the occasional interruption of a shower – which means it’s time to go out and enjoy it. Let’s be honest, it’s hardly pessimistic to say that it won’t last.The trouble is I had to spend my weekend doing dull things (putting old text books on Amazon, tidying up the house to find some missing paperwork, etc.) so there was no adventure to blog about.

Not knowing how long this will last I decided to make the most of it yesterday evening and ditched the bus home in favour of the walk. This, and a little stroll at lunchtime, let me join the ranks of tourists taking photos of the city, in between trying not to be given too many Fringe flyers.

On my lunchtime trip to the post office (the whole book selling thing is working, seemingly) I went past the Spiegel Terrace bar in the middle of George Street, with the Royal Society of Edinburgh behind it.

I joined the massed ranks for tourists taking photos of Edinburgh Castle (although resisted the urge to shout about how quaint it was).Edinburgh Castle

On the walk home I went through the wonderful Dean Village – much more pleasant than walking along the main road – and wandered up the cobbled pavements which were glistening in the sun.Sunlight, cobbled pavement

Sitting above the Dean village, at the edge of the Dean bridge, is Holy Trinity Church. From the Dean village all you really see at this time of year is its bell tower edging up between the trees, floating in mid air. It’s an odd sight, but still beautiful in the golden evening sunlight.Holy Trinity Church, Dean Bridge, Edinburgh



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